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  1. sonisoe

    sonisoe Member

    can't seem to send or receive vCard over sms ?

  2. flexte

    flexte Well-Known Member

    Solve the problem yet? It was so easy with my nokia. It sends as sprint picture mail and connot be viewed
  3. hakujin

    hakujin Well-Known Member

    any luck? why the hero/android sends (by default) vcards through un-decodable picture mail is beyond me. should be email, or BT. wtf...
  4. shmicky

    shmicky Member

    i have the same problem on Orange / HTC Desire
  5. tjreishus

    tjreishus Well-Known Member

    I asked this a while back and it drove me crazy. Turns out Android is not compatable with Vcard.
  6. mc48

    mc48 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried to send one to anyone yet but I had no problem sending a vcard by sms/mms on my eris (running 1.5) to myself but I suppose it works the same for sending to another android phone. I just go to my people widget, go to the contact I want to send and long press. It gives you an option to send contact as vcard, select that and enter the number and then send. When I received the sms, just short press the Vcard attachment. You can't open them to view them, you import them to your contacts and you can view them there.
  7. Neodroid

    Neodroid Member

    How do you import the vcard, when I press on the vcard in the sms, it says vcard successfully installed but i cant find it anywhere, even if I search my contacts (as mentioned in another thread). Any tips!!!
  8. tillort

    tillort New Member

    I have the same problem on my HTC Desire. I really can't believe this is a problem. Especially since it says "vCard has been successfully imported". This is Android v2.1. Surely Google can do better than that!
  9. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    I own HTC Magic with HTC Sense on board. When you go to People application, you can select Send contact as vCard from the context menu. But it seems that it tries to send vCard over MMS, not SMS.
  10. jonrosenfeld

    jonrosenfeld Member


    I use a Desire, and here's what works for me:

    Go to the market and download (free) app, vCardIO. When this app is running, it imports the vCard for you. And yes, it's weird that Google dropped the ball on this one, though allowing 3rd party software is kind of like empowering the solution. Right...?

    Oh, and before it happens to you: I've received vCards a couple times and had vCardIO off, so I quickly turned it on and forwarded the vCard to myself.

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  11. blu2cal

    blu2cal New Member

    I had many, many problems sending/receiving vCards on my Hero running 1.5 as you all mentioned above. The problems got better on my when I upgraded the Hero to 2.1, but there are still issues. My EVO with 2.1 has the same vCard issues. I don't recall all the issues on 1.5 well enough to discuss, but the following is my experience with vCards issues on 2.1 with the HTC EVO and Hero:


    I can send a vCard using MMS, email, or Bluetooth. Sending with Bluetooth takes multiple steps and is a pain in the butt.

    Receiving / Importing (the problematic part)
  12. Jayman

    Jayman New Member

    Just found this thread, after I got a vCard sent to me, and could not find the contents after much head-scratching. Unbelievable that this bug is not fixed!! (Yes, I really think it must be a bug...)

    Anyway, what worked for me, was to start the process of forwarding the SMS containing the vcard, it was then possible to edit it, and thus I found the "CELL"-entry inside it, and was able to write down the phone number there, which was what I was after... Cumbersome... but it worked for me.

    (It doesn't seem to have been properly imported into any of the address books, I just got a new entry "Unnamed" every time I tapped the SMS to trigger the "vcard Imported successfully"-induced operation.)

  13. LinuxChef

    LinuxChef New Member


    I just created an App for this: "vCard SMS". You can send and receive vCards via SMS with it. It is available in the market.

  14. game40love

    game40love New Member

    Hey folks,

    Don't know if you've solved this problem or not. I had this issue with my Epic Touch. Here are the steps ( I can only talk abut Epic Touch):

    1. When someone send you vcard via sms, you open it as a video file. While it's playing it, click on menu, then click on Attached item.

    2. Check the box and save the vcard to download. You should see a message saying "Attachment saved to your SD card"

    3. You need an app such as ASTRO from the Market.

    4. Open the app ASTRO, and scroll down to the folder "Download", you should be able to see your "vcard".

    5. Click on Vcard, a window pops up and ask you "Complete action using: Contacts, File Editor, etc"

    Good luck,
  15. lohithpartha

    lohithpartha New Member

    please give me the application which i have to download to receive the sms vard in my galaxy y
  16. freak111

    freak111 Member

    Try bizCard Manager. It's paid app but works fine. Let us know if it works for you. You can find it on Google Play here.

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