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Send you anywhere

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  1. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    If you had the chance to send one of your peers on here (know or not), anywhere ... where would it be?

    I'd send my bro Jay (Syrax) straight to hell, that way, the devil wouldn't have to keep callin' me like I'm a customer service rep.


    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    I would send my co-worker to a chainsaw pitt, but before hand, i would use my wizardry skills to cast immortality and raise her pain levels about 200%.
  3. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    I would send on of my contracted employees to the unemployment line with a Mc Donalds app in hand. :mad:
  4. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    :D Windchill! Is it that bad?
  5. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    Well, today, I'd send the MTA into the river. These crackheads claim they're broke, but have enough money to put in their own pockets!
  6. Scamp

    Scamp Active Member

    I'd send all of you a big HUG! :)

    You sound stressed.

    (and it would give me a good shot at lifting all your wallets....)

  7. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    :D at the pickpocket! I'll be sure to stay far away ... maybe even send you to a precinct!
  8. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    Yes!! You know if he was just dumb I could work with him. This guy is beyond dumb and I can not touch him because he has a contract with us. Luckily, his contract comes up for renewal in March.
  9. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    I can already see the "meeting" you'll have with him. Sorry to read about that. I know how tough it is. I've people who work under me as well and ... well ... I just wish ... But the people over me notice and a few have been let go.
  10. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    I would send PhantomTrace a hug. He seems depressed.
  11. TateWatkins

    TateWatkins Well-Known Member

    I would send myself to heaven.
  12. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    I would send Tate to a clinic to treat the wounds on his buttox. (Stop bein' whipped dude)
  13. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    Ok, today, I'd send our company cafeteria all to the unemployment line. These workers and their premade crap is absolutely disgusting! I want my money back!
  14. TateWatkins

    TateWatkins Well-Known Member

    Send myself to any place that would cheer me up.
  15. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    Sends you to Zinzii's place.
  16. Smurph

    Smurph Member

    id send myself to australia
  17. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    I'd send you to Gargamel's house.
  18. TateWatkins

    TateWatkins Well-Known Member

    I would send myself to perfect pizza and then back to the pub
  19. SK.

    SK. Well-Known Member

    Can we send multiple people?

    If so can I send all the idiots on the App Market who fail to realise they are not on YouTube and who insist on posting inane crap to the same place that N3twork Burn3r would like to send his co-worker and under the same terms and conditions
  20. Siflan

    Siflan Well-Known Member

    I'm sendin' you to school so you can spell "realise" correctly. :D Just kiddin'. But I'd still like to send the debt of the MTA to all the bigwigs who put the surplus in their pockets!
  21. Rhamsterman

    Rhamsterman Guest

    My wife just found out about my girlfriend, I'd send her to the kitchen, (I'm in bed with my gf)
  22. olla86

    olla86 New Member

    Send myself to the sea shore :rolleyes:
  23. androidsuperhero

    androidsuperhero New Member

    Ill do you a favor and send you back in time 20 minutes, This now gives you a chance to send your girlfriend home!!!
  24. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    send you to the corner for condoning adultery
  25. shante1012

    shante1012 Well-Known Member

    Send you to time out for not participating in adultery and inviting others:D

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