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Sending and Recieving Text Messages over WiFi w/ no 1x/3g signal

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  1. imprttuner2

    imprttuner2 New Member

    This is my first post, and I've searched and searched but haven't found anything to help with my particular situation. Well not mine but my girlfriends situation to be exact. She took a job teaching at a very rural school in NE Montana, and the only cellular service that they get is 1x off of a repeater. It's a solid signal and fine to talk off of but it won't allow any text or picture messages to go through. It's something to do with the local cellular provider (midrivers) only supporting voice services off of repeater stations and nothing else.

    She recently got a Droid 2 Global and was hoping that she could get an app that would allow her to send and recieve text messages over the wifi connection in her apartment. Even if the app had to set up an alternate email or something to that effect. We "text" by sending texts to her email account, but it's clumsy and it relies on her having her email open all the time. Basically something that would act like a stock text messaging app, with similar alerts and format etc... that would function over wifi.

    Thank you all for your support. I'm sorry if my searches should have turned up what I'm looking for, and maybe I'm searching the wrong keywords, but unfortunately I'm locked into a non android based phone for the next year and do not have much experience with them other then occasionally playing with hers or one of my friends handsets.

  2. Kurbage

    Kurbage New Member

    Hello im new to the android thing and im in love. Just got my 1st one yesterday already rocking my old roms , sky map , and more this thing is great !!! Anywho I signed up on this forum for the soul purpose to request the app the guy above mentioned. Whether its already out there or not will someone please link or make it!!! Ill actually pay some one to figure this one out . Some reason I have great service everywhere I go but my house, just my house to its killing me !!!! Im almost convinced the government put some kind of signal blocking bubble around my house. Ok well maybe not but thats what it seems like
  3. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Get a google voice account and use the google voice app.

    That works over data network, so you only need wifi to get texts through.

    You can send/receive texts to/from any number, the other party does not need to have a google voice line as well.
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  4. Kurbage

    Kurbage New Member

    Good enough for me thanks :rolleyes:
  5. imprttuner2

    imprttuner2 New Member

    I actually stumbled across this after my original post, and have been searching for a bit more detailed instructions on how to set this up. I'm getting conflicting information, one being you set it up as your default sms and the other being use the app. Is there any more detailed posts on the use of this by chance. I'm still searching and will update if I find the kind of post i'm looking for.

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