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Sending Duplicate MMS Messages

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  1. rachelm920

    rachelm920 Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 2, 2010
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    My friends have been telling me that they are receiving my MMS Messages twice. I recently started using Handcent, so I thought it was a Handcent issue, but then I tried sending it using the default messaging app and it sent twice also. I am on T-mobile with a Motorola Cliq. Both my friends who mentioned it are on AT&T with regular phones (not smart phones). So IDK if it is a t-mobile ---> AT&T thing, an Android --> regular phone thing or what.

    Has anyone else had this problem either using a Motorola Cliq or any other Android phone??

    Update: Not an AT&T thing... my friends on Verizon and T-mobile also receive duplicate picture messages...


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