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  1. merciadriluca

    merciadriluca Well-Known Member


    With the default Android's e-mail client, how could I send messages in plain text? I have not found any such option.


  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is an option. But why would you need to? Haven't all email clients been HTML based for at least 10 years?
  3. merciadriluca

    merciadriluca Well-Known Member

    Not at all: there are also only plain-text-based clients! :(
  4. JoePete

    JoePete New Member

    Not quite, but in that decade the proliferation of malware, spam and phishing delivered via HTML has increased by what? 10,000 percent?
    HTML email is the top infosec threat out there. Sending HTML email to someone is the equivalent of sneezing in their face and a veritable sign of tech ignorance. Seriously, you will do your friends a favor, a big favor, if you turn off HTML.
  5. StormD

    StormD New Member

    There are dozens of other reasons you might want to send plain-text mail. Many mailing lists require it for list processing, and lots of automated systems require plain text for email interfaces. For example, we have a paging system that sends dispatch orders to field technicians, and updates our dispatch board based on replies (different colors for Ack, in progress, on hold, complete, rescheduled, etc.). However, we are having headaches setting up some new android phones because the software can't read the HTML mail coming back where the old ones just sent a plain text message that was easy to process.
  6. Visual Echo

    Visual Echo New Member

    So still no way to get/send only plain text email?

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