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  1. jimmyb79

    jimmyb79 Active Member

    Has anyone managed to send files via bluetooth on the Desire?
    I'm able to receive without any issues, but cannot get a file sent to a macbook or Nokia mobile. I'm trying Bluetooth File Transfer, Explorer and Astro to do so and nothing seems to happen.

  2. rajanm1

    rajanm1 Well-Known Member

    have a look on the app market for "bluetooth file transfer".....
  3. jimmyb79

    jimmyb79 Active Member

    As I say, i have tried Bluetooth File Transfer and it wont send anything. It normally comes up with an 'opp error' before restarting my phone.
  4. ronilse

    ronilse Member

    You're not alone, have the same issue here when trying to send files to other phones....
  5. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    I would say use Bump, you can find it on the market place and its free.
  6. fast eddy

    fast eddy Active Member

    I too had this problem, i uninstalled Astro & now it works fine.
  7. Tye

    Tye Well-Known Member

    Does Bump not require both phones to have the app installed?
  8. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    Yes. Its surprisingly fun bumping phones to send files:D.
  9. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    Could you please explain exactly what you're using and how you're doing it?

    I'm having the same problems sending files via Bluetooth.

    Astro says the file is being sent but nothing happens.

    Bluetooth file transfer just claims that the target device lacks the 'object push profile' and then promptly hangs the entire phone, requiring a reboot. :mad:

    Target devices are all discovered and, where possible, paired.

    Why on Earth something that was so simple on every phone since the stone age now seems to be so horribly complicated and dysfunctional on Android is unbelievable :mad::mad:
  10. fast eddy

    fast eddy Active Member

    My problem was not being able to send/recieve files to other phones, like you,it was saying it was sending the file but nothing happened. i had to take my phone back to CPW because of another issue, i got it replaced & the bluetooth worked fine on the new one. That was until i installed Astro, i would have the same problem all over again :( i uninstalled Astro & now it works as it should.
  11. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    OK. Thanks. What are you actually using to send files?
  12. jimmyb79

    jimmyb79 Active Member

    I have uninstalled Astro and am now able to send images by using HTC's native software and selecting 'Share', but Bluetooth File Transfer still doesn't work and I cannot send mp3's via bluetooth to a Nokia phone.
  13. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Well-Known Member

    I have astro installed but haven't experienced any problems with bluetooth transfer,I just use the native HTC one,just click menu on what you want to send then select share then select bluetooth.
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  14. jimmyb79

    jimmyb79 Active Member

    I'm trying to send an mp3 I use as a ringtone across to my Nokia phone. Are you able to send music files?
  15. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

  16. Casual Pete

    Casual Pete Well-Known Member

    Yes I just tried sending a tune to my blackberry and my computer without problem.Really haven't got a clue as to why yours isn't sending.
  17. jimmyb79

    jimmyb79 Active Member

    Very strange. It seems this is a problem some have while others don't. I don't really want to have to send my phone in to be looked at, but it sounds like it might be a handset fault...
  18. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I've been using 'Astro' and 'Bluetooth file transfer' to no avail, but the native HTC one works just fine, as you say.
  19. LukeyD

    LukeyD New Member

    Hi everybody. First post here, but this is driving me mental..

    I've just tried to send something to another phone for the first time, using my desire's bluetooth. I did it the conventional way (long press on the file, click bluetooth) and I get this message instantly:-

    'The application BlueTooth Share (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.'

    The only option is a 'Force close' button.

    This can't be good can it? I've turned the phone off (takes ages!) and back on again a few times and this has made no difference.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I'd appreciate any help or response, I have a feeling my Desire may be nackered though..
  20. thorgoth

    thorgoth Active Member

    Have just tried to send and receive with a Nokia n82
    with Desire's and Astro file manager
    both worked idea why to some pps astro forces close app...:(
  21. LukeyD

    LukeyD New Member

    This not happening to anyone else then?
  22. masherthemash

    masherthemash Active Member

    I'm having real issues with bluetooth as in I can't send anything. I've tried sending a photo from all methods of bluetooth and all it does is say it is sending but nothing is received by the target phone. I'm not even getting a symbol in the top bar to show anything is being sent. Any ideas or is anyone experiencing similar.
  23. masherthemash

    masherthemash Active Member

    Ignore the above-sorted it by turning off, removing battery and restarting. All working again.
  24. videonastie

    videonastie Well-Known Member

    I can't seem to sync my bluetooth with my Mac, whatever I try, I can't send/receive any files:mad:
  25. AeneasDT

    AeneasDT New Member

    hi all, first post here... I just got my desire for 3 weeks. On the first 2 weeks my bluetooth device work seems fine and from the beginning i have install the astro file manager and it's bluetooth module.

    Until today, my bluetooth starts occur some problems which cannot send out but can received. Is there anyone face this problem before?

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