Sending GS4 back to Samsung for Air Bubble in screenGeneral

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  1. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    Phone developed an air bubble between touch and LCD panel and since my network isn't on one of the major carriers I need to send my phone into Samsung for "7-10 days".

    Since I work off my phone I will need to transfer all email accounts etc over to a temp phone (GS2 Sky-Rocket).

    Is there a way to make an exact copy of my phone and paste it to my GS2?

    Samsung will be wiping my phone clean and I want to retain as much as possible.

  2. arustik1

    arustik1 Member

    I wanted to add that Samsung has no idea how the air gap developed, nor do I as the phone is in perfect shape. Did anyone else encounter an air gap forming in the top left corner of the phone?
  3. S4Lexi

    S4Lexi New Member

    I also have this same issue. I am taking it to Samsung on Monday to get it looked at as the air bubble should be covered by warranty as it is an issue with the phone itself.

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