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  1. laflynt

    laflynt New Member

    The AT&T salesperson showed me that with the INSPIRE you can speak a text message, and when a reply comes in, the phone reads it to you. Does anyone know how to do that? I finally found voice dialer by searching the manual, but not a voice texter.

    Update, i found a small microphone in the keyboard that i am able to use to speak a text but i still don't know how to 1) choose recipient vocally, 2) have their reply read aloud to me.

  2. digbickman

    digbickman Active Member

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  3. kstruck

    kstruck Well-Known Member

    There is an app in the Market called Vlingo that does all of that and more. I have it installed and while I dont use it all the time, in the car its great and works well. It has a "Car Friendly" screen. Just press a button and it goes into listening mode. Then just say what you want it to do. For instance you can say "Text Mike Give me a call" - and it will do just that. It is very good with reading messages. I was impressed.
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  4. evilcarstereo

    evilcarstereo Member

    Does the voice search on the google toolbar only work for your google contacts? I have tried texting, calling, and emailing so many different people using that and it either ends up google searching them or giving me the wrong person (like someone from gmail).

    I'm wondering this because I did have someone who was linked to a bunch of different things, and that contact worked. But when I deleted that and tried using the same contact unlinked, it didn't work.

    Does anyone know a fix to that? Or does it really only work with google/linked contacts and they just don't want to tell you that in such a splendid video that makes everything look easy?

    And before you say so, it's not confusing my accent. I've tried it on very simple names like "Amy" and "Home."
  5. harlenm

    harlenm Well-Known Member

    Press and hold the search capacitive button. When the search menu comes up, say "send a text to........" and it will open a box to input a text message via voice.
  6. evilcarstereo

    evilcarstereo Member

    That still doesn't help my problem. However, I didn't know the search button did that, so thanks.
  7. TXGrunt

    TXGrunt Active Member

    The feature where you can call someone from your contacts never works for me. If I say "Call Dustin at home" What my phone does, is call a local business near by that has the name "Dustin" and not from my contacts list. What is going on!?:confused:
  8. daniels012

    daniels012 Member

    You need to say last names as well or whatever you have in your phone book. I had the same issue. as soon as I added the last name it works. My wife is Sherri it never found that, but as soon as I added the last name all was good.

    hope that helps!

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