Sennheiser MM70 iPhone headset with remote and MicTips

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  1. cdl

    cdl Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    as per the subject, I have tested a Sennheiser MM70 iPhone headset (with remote and Mic) on my Milestone 2.
    The sound quality is very good, but the remote and the microphone don't work with the Milestone.
    Pressing the buttons causes different actions apparently at random, like starting MixZing, pausing a song or closing Mixzing altogether.
    The microphone does not work at all. I also tried with an Orange San Francisco, but to no avail.

    Everything works fine, though, with Iphones and Ipods, so my guess is that it boils down to an incompatibility with Android rather than some fault in my headsets. A reviewer on Amazon said music controls worked fine with his Nexus one, but like I said my experience has been different.

    Hope this is useful to those wondering about earphones compatibility.

    PS The microphone built in the Motorola earphones that come in the box does work, though.

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Since it is caled iPhone headset there is no surprisse it does not work ;)
  3. cdl

    cdl Well-Known Member


    I'm not saying I'm disappointed. I bought them mainly to have a pair of earphones with remote for my Ipod. I jsut wanted to clarify compatibility with the Milestone, since a reviewer on Amazon said the controls were compatible with his Nexus One.

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