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Sennheiser PMX-680i volume controlAccessories

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  1. tjtweeker

    tjtweeker New Member

    Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could help me with a headphone question.

    I just bought the Sennheiser PMX-680i headphones thinking that the controls on the headphones (play-pause/volume up-down) would function. Well, turns out that only the play/pause button does what it's supposed to. The volume control does not control the volume on the phone or while music is being played. I'm using PowerAMP. Am i overlooking something here? The jack has 4 conductors (three isolator strips). The headphones say they there made for the iphone, but I find it hard to believe that only the iphone has this type of hardware configuration where the volume can be controlled remotely. So the question to be answered is; should the volume controls on the Sennheiser PMX-680i work on the EVO 4G?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. ahfu25

    ahfu25 New Member

    bump this. I would also like to know.
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Well-Known Member

    No, they should not work. This issue's not going to get fixed unless someone creates a hack/mod for it in the Android system code or unless there's already one done for rooted phones.

    Most Android music players are just layers on top of the base Android music player which is why there aren't common fixes for this.

    Surprisingly, no company seems to have taken the lead in creating Android-specific headphones and earbuds. There's a tremendous number of Android phones out there now so I'm not sure why.:confused:
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  4. GeekMD

    GeekMD New Member

    What about the microphone itself? Is there a reason that the PMX 680i microphone does not work with my Android Thunderbolt?
  5. japrowitz

    japrowitz New Member

    Just for the record - the microphone does work, just not the controls (volume and play/pauze button).
  6. Erich73

    Erich73 New Member

    I ordered this model by accident. I have a Droid X. I have heard the microphone does not work.
  7. tidligsein

    tidligsein New Member

    since i did buy the same headphones to use with my motorola defy+, im desperately trying to find a way to make the mic and the controls to work. Since i didn't know anny better i was loocking for a iphone jack female to minijack male at first. Now i am dreaming of the posibility to connect the iphone jack to the mini usb.. Would this be as impossible? - With some kind of app mabye?
  8. smash17

    smash17 New Member

    I think you solution could be the Philips-Headset APP. Pleas load it on you Phone an try the function of the buttons again. The App is self explaining.
    Please post the result

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