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  1. Crispy222

    Crispy222 New Member

    .. after all day on the charger.

    Battery was low, plugged the phone into the charger before I left for work and the amber charging light came on as normal. Came home to find the phone off with no charging or charge light on as it was still plugged into the wall charger. Phone will no power on. Tried multiple cables, chargers, 12v, and computer sources which all work with my Vivid 4G. I left the battery out for an hour. Put it back together, plugged back into charger. NOTHING WORKS.

    The only responce i get from the phone is when I hold down the power button while it is plugged in. It will then blink the amber indicator 3 times very slow, then a long pause, and repeats.

  2. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    can you get into bootloader/recovery or anything???

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