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Sensation xe lagging really badlySupport

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  1. jammychap

    jammychap Well-Known Member

    Hi there, I have upgraded ha ha flipping ha from the Desire hd, only to find my sensation xe laggs far more the the dhd ever did, I have the same apps installed but now my xe is lagging so bad I cant listen to music because it will have gaps in it, and during texting I get a random buzz for about 2 seconds while it thinks about entering the last letter I pressed, really annoying now.

    My question is what apps are bad for the xe what should I avoid? and yes all that can be have been moved with apps to sd, should I be avoiding apps like netquin juicedefender, looking on memory booster light I am using 85% of the memory, I have a simple wallpaper not a live one, i'm not using the friend feed, I do have weather n time apps, my e-mail is set to update only once an hour Android booster seems to be using 19mb how the flip is that helping to boost anything wtf, fm radio is using 3mb without ever using it again wtf, whats the point of having 5 desk top screens if you cant put and apps on there cos they slow your phone down to a snails pace gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rant over for now..............................:mad:

  2. jammychap

    jammychap Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why maps is using 4mb of memory all the time???
  3. jammychap

    jammychap Well-Known Member

    Correction, maps appears 4 times using a total of 20mg of memory eh??????????????????
  4. Loud

    Loud Well-Known Member

    Whoa Tex lol

    I've never needed juice defender on my Desire or XE, why do you need it?
    And ive no experience of android booster, again why do you need it.?

    I have no apps I don't use running in the background from startup, use your task manager to kill them and see if they start up again. Check what apps you've got set to run on startup and maybe use system panel app to monitor and kill. Make sure GPS and WiFi are only set to come on when you want them. Look at my homescreen shots, in other thread, and try extended controls to access GPS and WiFi easily.

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