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  1. dare2sin

    dare2sin New Member

    hey all

    a small problem here ..
    my sensation xe has stopped reading memory cards and keeps showing that I'm inserting a blank card even though the card is filled with music...
    this problem has started since I tried to recover a memory card partition and that too hasn't worked well for me...
    I am currently unable to format my card and now even windows is not recognising my memory cards...
    I have tried 2 cards already
    both are Kingston class 4 micro sd 8 and 16 gb
    please help!

  2. dare2sin

    dare2sin New Member

    no replies?I thought android was the most popular os and I.thought that it had a huge number of developers...
    very much heartbroken :(
  3. ChrisR

    ChrisR New Member

    Hi dare2sin I had the same issue, xe not recognising memory cards (sd cards). I returned phone to carrier and the same phone was returned a week later with the problem resolved. No idea what they did to fix the issue, but I imagine it will be your handset not the memory card. Have you tried the card in another handset? C
  4. kingfisher64

    kingfisher64 New Member

    I've had this issue too. Just bought the phone, inserted my sandisk 16gb card in, it mounts ok then just un-mounts. I've tried another card and it doesn't do the same.

    I've heard that the phone expects class 10 cards, doesn't sound true to me. There's no truth in this is there?
  5. radhx

    radhx Member

    No. XE is not Class dependent. I have used Class 4 as well as Class 10 cards in my XE. Both work fine.

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