Sensation Z710e wont start after installing custom romSupport

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  1. rebien

    rebien New Member

    Hello guys, im new on this forum and im from denmark so my english is not the best.

    But i have rooted my sensation 1 gen, with great succes. But when i installed a custom rom from CyanogenMod my phone just wont start.
    The phone will past the HTC Logo and will just stuck with the CyanogenMod logo.

    I have tried to transfer a new rom with the ADB tool, but i cant get it working.

    I really hope there is someone who can help me, because now i cant use my cellphone, and cant transfer a new rom to my SDCARD beacause i cant open my phone :(

    Best Regards Rebien

  2. damon7620

    damon7620 Well-Known Member

    Is your phone s-off? If not then a custom rom such as Cyanogen Mod cannot properly flash the boot image thus resulting in a non booting phone.

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