Sense 3.0 on DHD!

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  1. Joelzinho

    Joelzinho Well-Known Member

    HTC is rolling it out to the DHD. Right now it seems Europe is getting most of the updates. Wanted to know if anyone in Canada has gotten it!?

  2. DroidMind

    DroidMind New Member

    I have a Desire HD and haven't received anything so far! I wonder if there is an ETA on that for Telus... Anyone asked the question to their support team?
  3. Soundy

    Soundy Active Member

    Well, just got the 2.3.5 + Sense 3.0 update from Telus... and my phone is FUBARED. Takes forever to start up, sometimes runs fine for a few minutes, sometimes is just dead slow... and after 5-10 minutes it just reboots.

    DON'T DO IT.

    Called Telus... all they could tell me was to take it to a Product Care Center... where, no doubt, all they'll do is re-flash it, probably with a factory reset. Not looking forward to reinstalling all my apps.
  4. Joelzinho

    Joelzinho Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear it man. I was looking forward to updating my DHD is this update went smoothly. I am still on 2.2 as well because I feared this happening.

    Hopefully everything works out for you, goodluck!
  5. FriarMaurice

    FriarMaurice New Member

    I updated my DHD last summer and its been working fine with no issues. I look forward to the ICS thus end of July.

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