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Sense 3.0Support

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  1. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if this will be coming? I guess I could google it, but eh....

  2. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    I seem to remember reading that the inc2 would not be updated to sense 3 - perhaps others can confirm? Assuming the demos of sense 3 that I've seen are accurate I don't feel it's any big deal.
  3. redraptor

    redraptor Well-Known Member

    Apparently you need a dual core to run Sense 3.0, but I have seen several phones run it that are single core. Of course they were buggy and it was forced to the device instead of being made for it. But regardless, it still worked.

    Personally, I would like it, but have Sense in general makes me happy. But if you wanna add a little flair and Sense 3.0-ness, Check this app out. It changes the lock screen and actually works VERY well.


    they have a free one too if you want to try it out before hand, but its barely customizable.
  4. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    If we get anything, it will be a stripped down version of it. There definitely won't be any 3D animations because I read that they are too resource intense. I think the best we'd get is the widget capable lockscreen, which would be nice but i won't lose any sleep over it.

    Right now I'd be happy if they'd just make htcsense.com available, especially since Verizon isn't going to have different skins available. But they want to lock down the wallpapers, ringtones, & locate/wipe function.

    The stupid thing is all of those are available in the market or from third party sources, so I don't see why they can't let HTC's version be made available. Hell, the HTC Inspire has htcsense.com available, and this from the carrier that wouldn't let you sideload apps previously!
  5. victek

    victek Well-Known Member

    If you want a lockscreen you can add widgets to don't wait for a sense update, instead have a look at WidgetLocker. I use it and currently use SMS and Gmail counters, weather, last call, battery % and JuiceDefender widgets.
  6. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    if you are rooted there are two sence 3.0 roms that are running perfectly and they are on XDA
  7. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    I updated to Gingerbread. Sucks for me!
  8. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    yeah it does for now but just give it some more time and you should be able to root... i am having a new inc2 sent to tomorrow and i am PRAYING that it dosent come to me with GB i am gonna cry if it does
  9. rxfilr

    rxfilr Well-Known Member

    I received two inc2 in the last 5 days (replacements for camera dust issue) and they both had GB ON THEM.
  10. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Well-Known Member

    My new one did as well.
  11. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah I got a new one and it had gb and getting another one again today a shall see... If it has gb I am calling htc to see how I can get froyo back on it no joke

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