Sense Dialer = sucks... Alternate dialer apps?

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  1. The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    Sense dialer is slow, unintuitive, and tacky. Any alternate dialer apps that anyone uses out there? One thing I think is crucial to me is the iPhone-like alphabet along the side so you can quickly press the letter of the contact you want to call, effectively making it quicker with less screen taps. Sense dialer is very slow as far as load time as well.

    Thanks y'all.

  2. Brent Pierce

    Brent Pierce Well-Known Member

    + 1
    I think it's lame.
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  3. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member

    Maybe something is wrong with your phone. But the sense dialer does contact lookup as well. Just spell the name on the dial pad.

    HTC EVO FTW!!!!
  4. Aaron91RS

    Aaron91RS Well-Known Member

    hit the search key and type the persons name.
    skip the dialer all together

    but yeah you can also just start typing on the dialer keypad
  5. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

  6. noahas

    noahas Member

    Try "aTakephone" it is a new app, but the developer is legendary from the Palm world. It is a great dialer replacement.
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  7. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

  8. Kaskimondo

    Kaskimondo Well-Known Member

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  9. steelersmb

    steelersmb Well-Known Member

    I agree and it is the only dialer out there that can handle dialing extensions properly.
  10. Dreamliner

    Dreamliner Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I never 'search' contacts (browsing or other), I just start typing their name, it comes up on the list, I press and call em.
  11. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    Dialer one, maybe AOSP dialer?

    I, however, don't agree at all that it is slow though. I'm not quite sure what you have done, but once I click "phone" the dialer is up by the time I remove my finger. Its blazing fast. As for lookup, as others have stated, I just hit phone, type "Mike" for example through T9 and there he is, instantly. You want slow, you run the phone app on the Hero. lol

    And I don't mean to bash what your trying to say, all I'm saying is if you consider it to be slow, something else might be wrong..
    Now if your talking about the phonebook, that is a different story. The sense phonebook does have the alphabet on the right, as you describe, and is a little slower to load depending on how many contacts you have. Why use a phonebook though when you can pull up the dialer and simply type a name
  12. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    You're not using a stock build so it'd not be fair for you to compare.
  13. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    On my evo? I sure am..
  14. rjjr2531

    rjjr2531 Well-Known Member

    use Dialer One....its responsive, customizable, and best part is that u have to hit a cetain part of the contacts icon to call as opposed to always hitting the creen accidentlly and you end up calling someone....go for this one.
  15. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    Mkay, I just noticed your mods listed in your sig, so that must be for the Hero.
  16. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    Yes it bites so much, I have an entire screen for dialing shortcuts. I hate it.
  17. The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    ill check out DialerOne and aTakePhone. As for the T9 stuff, didn't know you could do that, looks like it'll be my go-to method if those dialer replacements are iffy.

    when I said "slow" i meant that i get a lag, i counted 5 seconds, from when I hit 'Phone' and then the little phonebook icon to the bottom right of the T9 dialer. I just tried it again and it looks like when its in the memory it goes faster, obviously. was getting annoying to me.

    Thanks for the help people, I hope this can help people in the future. I was sure I wasn't the only one that had this gripe.
  18. The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    hold up. gesture search is out??? hell yeah.
  19. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    Ah no man. Try the t9 search. MUCH easier. Guarantee you'll like it once you get used to it.
  20. barnacles

    barnacles Well-Known Member

    N why can't I see sigs.. hmm. I entered that mucho long ago lol and never saw it, so assumed it didn't work, or it was a paid thing
  21. The Lorax

    The Lorax Active Member

    ok gesture search is cool but seems to be constantly running. im just gonna use T9. thanks.
  22. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member

    I guess that takes me out too i'm not running stock. BTW not a fanboy over here that is my tapatalk signature as i love my phone flaws and all

    HTC EVO FTW!!!!
  23. The Dorian

    The Dorian Well-Known Member

    I think the Sense dialer works just fine.
  24. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! I love it!!

    Promise to do thanks right later when not using Tapatalk. ;-)
  25. freeza

    freeza Well-Known Member

    I happen to like the Sense dialer. Once you know how to use it, how is it bad?

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