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  1. PJFonseca

    PJFonseca Member

    I know that is soon, and i know that is HTC stuff, and i know that only HTC will have, BUT...

    Can it be used in Galaxy ? Maybe in root mode? I what to buy the phone in Portugal, but i just LOVE the sense iu. With this the Galaxy is the perfect phone. :D

  2. ManLike

    ManLike Well-Known Member

    Frankly, other smartphones allow the user to create themes. A lot of those themes can even alter the UI.

    I'm expecting Android to add this ability, maybe in Donut, maybe later. But I am expecting them to add it.
  3. Mansn

    Mansn Well-Known Member

  4. zenderady

    zenderady Member

    the op asked what if he had root access? My guts tell me that someone from xda will most definetely create a ROM for the i7500.. and isn't rosie the same with sense ui?
  5. AxeFestis

    AxeFestis New Member

    Don't think so, XDA only supports HTC phones.
  6. zenderady

    zenderady Member

  7. Gordz

    Gordz Member

    rosie was sense's codename during developement, nothing more

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