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Support Sense keeps on restarting due to EXTREMELY LOW RAM.

  1. kahmeekahzee

    kahmeekahzee New Member

    Hi guys, I have a few problems regarding my phone. It has extremely low RAM and because of that, Sense keeps on restarting. It's averaging like 55MB of free RAM now. Highest it reached was 100+MB. NOW, it's reaching like 15MB and sense restarts non-stop. I already factory reset my phone fyi. Should I send my phone for repairs? It's really frustrating. Now I virtually can't use the phone.

  2. lester2012

    lester2012 Member

    updated to android ics??

    if yes do as below

    hei, check your setting>develop option>uncheck the last third (dont keep activities) and see whether it appear again ^^ hope this would help
  3. kahmeekahzee

    kahmeekahzee New Member

    It is already unchecked, but now sense doesn't restart anymore.

    What I did was drain the battery until it's flat and recharge it. Turns out fine.
    Thanks for your help though :DD
  4. lester2012

    lester2012 Member

    no problem ^^ nice work there

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