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  1. Limerick

    Limerick Member

    Hello, I recently had to send in my Incredible for a replacement due to a faulty speaker component, and have had nothing but trouble with this refurbished Incredible they sent me in return. The problem I am having is Sense apparently restarting frequently when returning to the home screen. I have found no rhyme or reason as to when or why this happens, it seems to be random but is very annoying as it takes around 10 seconds to finish. I tried several solutions found in other threads that I will mention here:
    1. Battery pulls
    2. Factory resets
    3. Root
    I am currently trying out a solution provided to an EVO user here:
    involving app management and the app Spare Parts, and will report back on the results. I was also thinking of downloading the Incredible port of the Gingerbread update, but am hesitant to do so in case I need to revert and send this phone in for ANOTHER replacement for Verizon (which would be unlikely to help, I went through about 4 refurbished Palm Pixi's of theirs in the past with no luck, things were terrible).
    Like I said the phone came to me clean, and has been wiped clean twice now via two methods of factory reset. No apps have been installed from the market, I have not touched the factory-state and am still having the issue.
    Anyways, I would be very appreciative if anyone has any advice, thanks in advance!

    EDIT: The Spare Parts solution did not work.

  2. Skeletronix

    Skeletronix Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem but on my Eris. Searched numerous threads but can't find an explanation or fix. Anyone?
  3. patsfan1130

    patsfan1130 Well-Known Member

    Task killers tend to cause this very problem or anopther app that is a resourse hog. If it's not an ATK I would assume it's hardware. I know people that had to send in 4 or 5 refurbs in a row before they got a good one.
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  4. Limerick

    Limerick Member

    Thanks, I have no task killer so it's probably the hardware.
  5. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Perhaps use Launcher Pro in place of Sense and see if things improve. Only other thing i can think of is a fresh reload of 2.2. If there were some odd pre-existing glitch with the initial load of 2.2 on your phone, a factory reset wouldn't necessarily help the matter. Then again, hardware issue certainly can't be ruled out but these actions would make a strong case to reveal the most likely culprit if you didn't mind the effort.

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