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  1. Gascogne

    Gascogne Member

    I'm totally new to android phones and I have yet to decide which one to buy.
    Have tried some out and I really like the sense ui on Htc Hero.

    So I'm wondering is it possible to get sense ui on the X10 or is it only for the htc phones?

  2. damuffinman

    damuffinman Well-Known Member

    It's developed by HTC so naturally only for HTC phones.

    Not that it will stop someone from modding the files and putting it in a custom firmware for the X10, of course
  3. Mxtc

    Mxtc Well-Known Member

    HTC Sense is only for HTC phones, but on my X10, I downloaded the "Beautiful Widgets" from Level Up Studios and it looks like Sense UI. Plus the Sony TimeScape/MediaScape is pretty cool.
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  4. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    There was a story on April 1st, hence it could have been a joke, that said HTC and Motorola might share some of its developments; meaning the Motorola might get something based around Sense. HTC meanwhile would get access to the MOTOBLUR engine.

    To be honest, the HTC stuff can easily be done via third party apps. What Motorola has is a lot more - it's a whole setup 'offboard' that manages content and converts it to a mobile-friendly format, reducing data consumption and increasing speed.

    Sadly, what Sony Ericsson has created isn't anything more special than what HTC has done. Timescape and Mediascape are merely applications. I doubt HTC would see any reason to talk to Sony Ericsson, whereas they would with Motorola.
  5. Gascogne

    Gascogne Member

    Thought that as well but it didn't hurt to ask.

    Thank you, that looked pretty nice. :)
  6. Deathwish238

    Deathwish238 Well-Known Member

    Why would you get the X10 and put SenseUI on it? I realize someone will eventually port it, but I doubt it running very well because HTC uses different hardware than Sony.

    Plus, the biggest reason to get the X10 is for Sony's RachaelUI. If you want SenseUI, get a NexusOne and put a Desire ROM on it or get a Desire(or the Incredible or the EVO 4G)
  7. nolimit966

    nolimit966 Member

    Im in the same boat. Ive had the HTC Magic & Hero, i love sense. Its really smart, i wish it could be extracted and installed on any phone becuase i really want the X10. The Desire is about as near as im gunna get, but that huge screen on the X10 is calling me
  8. Mxtc

    Mxtc Well-Known Member

    I also like HTC Sense, and was so Hero envious, but when I first got my G1, I found a lot of other widgets that did the same job. Just search "hero" in the marketplace.

    There is a program called PandaHero Home which is like HTC Sense.

    You can also Downloaded a hero icons theme skin for Freshface/Open Home
    Downloaded the Hero Clocks pack
    Downloaded Beautiful Widgets

    Now with the X10, I just use what came with it, it has a web thumbnails widget..ect
  9. Mxtc

    Mxtc Well-Known Member

    Not sure I recommend Panda Hero Home for the X10 after playing with it for a few minutes. It does function exactly like Sense, but It seems to run in the lower resolution (320x480 of the hero) The stock Sony Rachel UI that came with X10 is better. I prefer Sony's UX with a few added widgets, but don't recommend a home replacement (like Ahome/OpenHome or freshface).

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