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    BHATCH Active Member

    I have a Nexus 7 and a GNEX (VZW). On my Nexus 7 I have the ability to separate the volume levels for main volume and notifications and my phone wont let me, both are on 4.1.

    Jelly Bean tips - Nexus Help

    Here it says the phone should do it. I talked to Google support and they said VZW took it out, but a friend said her PLay store TMO version doesn't have it either.

    Does anyone have this on their phones and what version do you have if so? Thanks.

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    ICS nor JB had that ability on my VZW Gnex. Thank goodness for roms because the lack of that feature is terribly annoying and it's foolish that extra options like that were removed, if that were the case. I just figured it was a JB thing but if it was VZW, that's a strange decision on their part.

    BHATCH Active Member

    I assume you have a VZW version also?
  4. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

    There was an app for ICS that added the functionality to separate ringer and notification volumes, but afaik the dev has not updated it yet to work with JB :(

    ICS Enhanced Ringer Control
  5. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    People love to blame Verizon for things.

    I don't think any GN has had separate volume controls for ringers and notifications since it rolled out with ICS or JB.

    BHATCH Active Member

    Hey Tim I'm not trying to blame Verizon, Google was. I'm just trying to see if anyone has the functionality that Google's own help pages (see original post and click link) say it should.

    Like I said I talked to Google's help center on the phone and they blamed Verizon. I talked to a friend who has a Play Store TMO verzion and she doesnt have it either.

    So I'm just trying to take a little survey so I can call back and tell them that no GNEX has this, so why does their documentation say it does.
  7. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

  8. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Google's directions don't even make sense. Its like whoever wrote them has never used an android device.
    Huh? As if the volume button brings up a screen with a settings icon? No. And going to settings > sounds just takes you to the sliders on which ringer and notification volumes are not separate nor individually controllable.
  9. MutantCheese

    MutantCheese Well-Known Member

    CM10 has separate volume controls. It amazes me how it was ever left out of the official builds.
  10. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    I use Settings Extended (free from the Play store).

    One of the widgets it allows is a volume button that allows individual settings for:
    - ringer/notifications
    - music/ video games, media, etc
    - alarms
    - keyboard/system
  11. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

    This won't help. I think the OP was looking to control ringer and notification volumes independently from each other.
  12. patruns

    patruns Well-Known Member

    Stock JB options are "Music, video,games and other media", "Ringtone & notifications" and "alarms".
  13. appWizard

    appWizard New Member

    By far the best solution for separate ringer and notification volumes is Audio Control. Hands down the most complete and useful sound management app in the Play Store.
  14. shipingli

    shipingli Member

    Audio control does not work.
  15. Xuthus

    Xuthus Well-Known Member

    In Gingerbread the ringer and notification volumes were separate and the ability to control them separately was made available to apps. From ICS onwards, AFAIK the separation has been removed. Apps can still attempt to control them separately and may appear to offer the feature to do so but under the hood the two volumes are the same so changing the notification volume changes the ringer volume and vice versa.

    For me this was a backwards step. It is useful to control them separately so that one can, for example, silence the notifications for new e-mail and text messages overnight while leaving the ringer on. Few people call me and if someone does choose to ring in the middle of the night then it is probably something really important.

    As an alternative I found a locale/tasker plugin that achieves the same thing by changing the default notification sound to silence and changes it back to a sound you select when you want notifications back on again.
  16. UncleMike

    UncleMike Well-Known Member

    I consider this a step backward as well, along with the lost ability for user apps to control GPS and airplane mode, and to clear missed call notifications.

    If Google engineers have nothing better to do than tie our hands, maybe they should be transferred to a different project.
  17. Neera

    Neera Well-Known Member

  18. JRock58

    JRock58 New Member

    My wife and I were discussing this very topic searching for

    answers ... as we recently upgraded from HTC Evo's to Samsung

    Galaxy S3's ...


    SPECIFIC APP that is driving you insane with constant or

    frequent notification ... it relieves some headache.

    Other posts stated lowering volume of general phone

    notification works somewhat for them.

    However if you want to differentiate between, for example, an

    email app and texting app, disabling the notification sound in

    the app's options has worked for us.

    Good fortune and rock on!
  19. RTimmons

    RTimmons New Member

    In each application you can turn off the notification or change the sound. No Volume control, but good enough for me.
  20. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Lightflow? It allows you to set a separate volume for the notification for several common apps. There's a Lite version so you can try it free first.
  21. Smart Volume Control is a good audio manager app that lets you preset multiple volume settings for almost anything in your phone.
  22. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

  23. gale65

    gale65 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying slider widget now, and every time I change the notification level, it also changes the ringtone level to the same thing. I want them different.

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