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Separated at birth - Nexus and Bravo/Desire

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  1. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    Not hard to see the resemblances... :D

    look at the back... look at the lens and flash... almost identical... this basically a Nexus 1.5 ;)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    one thing to note (and this could just be chalked up as photo retouching), but no noise canceling mic port on the Bravo...

    I still personally like the 'clean' look of the Nexus better... But the Bravo still looks mighty nice!


  2. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    Wait the Bravo doesn't have dual mics?
  3. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    The Bravo is not as nicely finished in my opinion. And I don't like the hardware buttons.

    I'm sure it will sell well though.
  4. Neemo

    Neemo Active Member

    I really like hardware buttons, they just feel so solid and you actually feel the press which is not the case on N1 (except haptic feedback ofc). However, the nexus one does look a bit more stylish with it's sleek design whereas the bravo is bit more bulky looking even though it's dimensions are quite the same I believe.

    OS-wise when it comes to android the sense isn't *that* big of a deal as in wm phones where you need to hide that hideous ancient wm os. When you add frequent OTA updates and constant communication between the customers and google it isn't hard to see which phone has a slighty brighter future.

    Bravo will without a doubt be a wonderful handset but in this case I think I'll still put my money on google branding.

    edit: I also like the new app-roller-thingie on N1 very much so that's why the N1 as well.
  5. oniongirl

    oniongirl Well-Known Member

    Optical trackpad: never used one, really like the idea. Seems less likely to break than something mechanical like the trackball on the Nexus.

    It is indeed the very closely related family member of the Nexus. Some people will love the hardware buttons, others will prefer the buttonless Nexus. I suppose that the real test will be the price, anything official(ish) out there?

    Anyway, the fact that there are no shiny bits on top of the Android OS on the Nexus would always make me chose the Nexus over its sibling. I like to have things first, including OS updates ;)

    edit: noise cancelling mic might be hidden on the opposite side to the nexus? Maybe. Can't imagine that HTC wouldn't put that technology in there.
  6. bitxboi

    bitxboi Well-Known Member

    the optical trackpad is the only thing the Nexus One has to envy to the Bravo IMO. I almost never use the trackball, but anyway, I'd prefer something less likely to break or just something less bulky. The optical trackpad seems to do both
  7. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member

    I've been a fan of the trackball ever since my Sidekick days. Granted, the N1 trackball feels very 'unsure' compared to the trackball on a sidekick.
  8. AnotherFatalEpic

    AnotherFatalEpic Well-Known Member

    It's flimsy, feels like HTC outsourced this part of the phone and had it put in by the 99c store. I would rather have the optical thing but I'd keep the trackball because it looks neat when it lights up for notifications.
  9. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    trackball on my N1 feels great!
  10. AnotherFatalEpic

    AnotherFatalEpic Well-Known Member

    Really? Mine feels like its going to fall out when I turn the phone over.
  11. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    yeah... feels very precise
  12. Mandrew

    Mandrew Well-Known Member

    I'm leaning toward the Bravo/Desire due to the optical trackpad and the non-touch buttons (reviewers always complained about those). I think I would rather have stock android than sense just for faster updates.

    I am looking to ditch my iPhone for an Android device even though I don't know much about Android. How much different is the stock OS from sense?
  13. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    it's ironic, as it uses a optical trackpad, but yet uses physical buttons... whereas the Nexus has a mechanical trackball, but haptic touch buttons.... :D

    quite possible... BUT... I just thought of something else.... It could be that it's a Google innovation and if they have a patent on it, they may have the power to prevent it from being used on any other HTC phones going to carriers and not officially released by Google like the Nexus One is.... just a thought
  14. omeyga

    omeyga Well-Known Member

    LOL...good point!
  15. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    That just means HTC possibly has two more Android up their sleeves; one with an optical trackpad and haptic feedback touch buttons; the other with a trackball and physical buttons. All with roughly the same specs otherwise. :D
  16. AnotherFatalEpic

    AnotherFatalEpic Well-Known Member

    Does that mean I'll have laser beams shot into my eyes while using the touchscreen?

    Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
  17. kaotix

    kaotix Well-Known Member

    Wow I like the Bravo. It literally looks like another model Nexus One. Possibly an earlier model due to hardware buttons and that not so nice looking earphone hole setup.
    I'd like to try it out to see which feels better while using the OS though, I've never used hardware buttons like that and the ones on the Nexus One are often miss-pressed or not pressed when needed due to them feeling slightly shifted.
  18. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    More official news...

    HTC Desire, HD mini, Legend get official Boy Genius Report


    And this interesting comment...

    So my suspicion might be correct - that Google may have the rights to the noise cancelling second mic... and only "Google" branded phones can use it... Just a theory... But would make sense.
  19. vido.ardes

    vido.ardes Well-Known Member

    The official line is it was removed to keep the costs down, so we may never know the truth... I hope it is cheaper than the N1 though
  20. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    for whatever reason, i'm glad we Nexus One owners have the exclusive on that feature! :D
  21. gibson6594

    gibson6594 Well-Known Member

    Why is a big deal made out of the LED screen on these phones, stating how amazing it is, but it's ripped apart on the nexus...i.e. low pixel counts and poor sunlight visibility?
  22. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

  23. gibson6594

    gibson6594 Well-Known Member

    Compare to the Droid
  24. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Well-Known Member

    quite interesting...

    more interesting snippet from the article...

    .... if Vodafone is getting it in April, and is 'supposed' to get the 'Nexus One' by spring.... seems like it would be silly to have both... so does that mean that Vodafone's 'Nexus One' will actually be the Desire, in which case, a CDMA variant may very well be VZW's 'Nexus One' ??

    Great little vid...

    YouTube - HTC Desire - First Look

    HTC Desire first hands-on (updated with video) -- Engadget
    HTC Desire first hands-on - Engadget Galleries
    A lot of great additional photos here - shows the news reader, more of the Sense UI - looks really good actually... there's a great overview tool for all the screens.... a cool favorites widget that shows your contacts as pics... I'm getting jealous! I wonder how soon XDA will have a hack to install the Desire's Sense onto a Nexus... :D

    HTC - Products - HTC Desire - Overview
    Looks like HTC is wasting no time... Already up on their website...

    HTC - Products - HTC Desire - Specification
    FM radio listed in the specs... Hmmmm.... I wonder if this means the Nexus One has one in there, just not enabled... ???? I guess that might be the trade off between noise cancellation... ;)

    wow... the new Sense is impressing me... check the vid (it's the Legend, but it's 2.1...)

    pinch feature for all the screens... 7 pages.... the widgets for the email are super cool... and the selection feature in the web browser is major improved (similar to iphone now... but on steroids - can send you to wikepedia, translation site or dictionary... holy crap!!)

    HTC enhances Sense with Leap and Friend Stream (updated with video) -- Engadget
  25. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

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