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  1. MichaelJ07

    MichaelJ07 Member


    My buddy's ZTE Warp Sequent is not sending his contacts from the phone to his Google account. I am at a loss as to why not. I have synced his phone, he has a valid Google account, but nothing is passing between them.

    Can you help us find the broken link?

    Thank you

    Mike (for Gene)

  2. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    each contact has a setting. near the top of the contact editing screen itll have an option to be synced with their google account, or to be stored on the phone only. it defaults to phone only
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  3. MichaelJ07

    MichaelJ07 Member

    Thank you! I have forwarded your notes to my friend.

    I do hope soon he will be able to enter contacts into his Google Account and have them show up in his phone as it is faster from computer to phone than from phone to computer. He will have many contacts. Is this going to be an issue for him? Or will be be required to enter those many contacts into his phone first, select the above stated option, then sync?

    I see you have listed as one of your devices the same phone he has.

    Again, thank you for your valuable help and knowledge. It is immeasurable.
  4. MichaelJ07

    MichaelJ07 Member

    Well, buddy went to Radio Shack were he bought the phone. They created a new account (deleting the old one) and I just checked his google account and the contacts did not transfer.

    I don't know if he did anything with his phone yet. I will check later this week myself per your valuable instructions and get back here.

    Again, thanks for your help.


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