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  1. I have a really weird issue with this phone.

    I love it a lot, so far, but there's quite a significant problem when listening to music. Occasionally, I'll hear a pop (sometimes it doesn't even do that) and then it completely crashes. Like, the screen goes blank and goes to a red "M", as if it was rebooting. I've tried it with multiple headphones (as I thought one was just old and somehow shocking the phone into an emergency shut-down) and multiple music players (jukefox, poweramp, and now winamp), and it just keeps happening. No rhyme or reason, sometimes it happens multiple times in a row.

    This phone has been great to me thus far, but I'm beginning to think I got a defective phone. Unless anyone else has been having this issue?

  2. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    I have had this happen once, just a few days ago. Sadly, I don't remember if I was using the music player when it happened. I'll keep an eye on it.
  3. Thanks, I'm just wondering if it's a hardware or software issue. If it's a software issue, then fine, I suppose I'll deal until it gets patched or something. But if it's hardware, I still have like 10 days to get it returned within the 30 day window.

    Speaking of which, I'm going in today to get it checked at regardless. Not sure if there's anything else I should ask the guys there since I'll be there. Maybe I'll bug them about ICS again...
  4. LegitimateRisk

    LegitimateRisk New Member

    I had something very similar happen.
    This issue first started when I Fired up Pandora while at work and let it play for a few hours. Suddenly after about song number ten or Eleven, my music quits. I pick up the phone and hit the Unlock button with no response. I then hold down the button for a few seconds and finally the screen comes to life with a boot screen (not backlit for a few seconds before the LEDs came on) and then it jumps right to my Home screen much faster than a Full boot. IT takes a couple of minutes for my Widgets to load, but then everything is back to normal.
    So I fire up Pandora and pick up right where I left off... this issue continues every 20 mins or so. Its not battery related (had well over 50%) and its not Ram related (I dont think, I have Android Booster and NQ security apps running which monitor my data usage and memory).

    So what do I do? I turn to my alternative Music streaming Application, ZumoCast. Bloware, I know, but it does what I want it to do, stream music right from my laptop at home while I'm at work. But It crashed much more frequently than Pandora did yesterday!
    Youtube has not given me any issues... and these strange Half-ass-Crashes only happen when streaming music.
    Any thoughts?
  5. Ranger123

    Ranger123 New Member

    This has to be a known issue. My daughter and I have DroidX's running 2.3.3 and we both have this problem, though ours does not appear to be limited to crashes during Pandora streaming. It crashes for no apparent reason randomly when running the music app, and the symptoms are nicely described by LegitimateRisk. The crashing started immediately upon my last OS update.

    I'm going up to Verizon right now. The store near me has a legitimate tech support desk. We'll see... then I'll (try to remember) to let you know.

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