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  1. Tider09

    Tider09 New Member

    Completely new to this so idk where to look.
    Okay so here are my specs on my phone:

    Firmware: 2.1

    Baseband V:

    Software number: 1.26.573.0

    I'm not sure how to update my phone or what to use to do so. If i could get some help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Tyseyh

    Tyseyh Well-Known Member

    Something like Settings -about phone - System update.

    Surprised your still on 2.1 though.
    Your not rooted are you? If you are don't do that update.
  3. Griff_LI

    Griff_LI Well-Known Member

    It looks like that's a US Cellular version of Android.

    If so Look here

    Lots of help available on the Download page for the Desire (from that page).
  4. Tider09

    Tider09 New Member

    I dont see that option anywhere on the about phone.

    No, im not rooted either. I just haven't updated my phone/known how to so that is why im still on 2.1.. :/

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