Serious Issue - xrecovery is suddenly clockworkmod

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  1. ojkolsrud

    ojkolsrud Member


    My phone just went black, and when i turned it back on after taking battery in and out, xRecovery is gone, and I now have clockworkmod for X10 Mini for some reason! ... i have X8.

    I can't reboot through CWM, it says that "ERROR: Current recovery seems bad!"

    Also I'm guessing xR-files are different from CWM's, so the backup I had using xR probably won't work. What do? I don't wanna brick this.

    Prior to this error i just installed a few apps. A few that I can think of are; Dropbox, Clockr (clock widget) and Screenshot. Last one needed SU-admissions, it may be that.

    Please help.


  2. ojkolsrud

    ojkolsrud Member


    I took a chance on rebooting, and was able to enter xRecovery and reboot from there.

    Next question - where did clockworkmod come from?

    Please advice...
  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    ClockWorkMod is installed by your custom rom when you flash your phone.

    cheers :)
  4. Chadw1985

    Chadw1985 New Member

    If you tap the screen a few times when sony ericsson appears to go to CWM. To go to xrecovery just tap the back button at sony ericsson screen. You can use either.

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