Serious issues with installing .sbfSupport

  1. ophidia

    ophidia Member

    In order to install the latest update to my phone, I had to SBF using RSDlite 4.9. The first time it would just boot to the boot loader when finished and would not boot. I did it again and let it sit overnight, and it had booted by this morning.

    So I did the update.

    I then installed the black glass deodex/theme pack and the phone just hung at the motorola icon. I then SBF'd again-- several times-- and it just sticks at the boot load when finished. So at this point the phone is unuseable. The battery is too dead to try again and it won't charge.

    Is this because I did the upgrade?

    Frustrated. I thought the SBF was the magic cure-all. :(



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