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  1. Loco4LosChe

    Loco4LosChe Active Member

    Alright, not sure what's going on, but my Dinc 2 (and my girlfriend's as well) have both been acting super wonky the last 24 hours. I updated the system software this past weekend, and my girlfriend hasn't. The only major app I've updated in the same time is Pocket Casts, which my girlfriend doesn't have.

    However, both our Dinc 2's have been experiencing the exact same problems. Basically, both have become very unstable, constantly stalling, rebooting, reloading, freezing, etc. Both phones are running stock, neither has been rooted.

    I've rooted other phones before, and it looks like our phones have had bad customs roms put on them or something, with everything going crazy.

    Considering our phones have no common updates or apps (except a couple small apps), how is it that both have experienced the same thing? One app we do have in common is Simi Clock, and both our phones had the simi clock widgets stop working today even though both of us have the app marked as excluded in our task killers. I don't remember Simi clock being updated for a long time, so not sure how that could be an issue.

    Also, one thing we've both have had happen is an app force close pop up regarding HTC Sense.

    Any ideas about what's going on? If this keeps happening, I'm gonna have to take both in to Verizon and get new phones. I'm due for an upgrade in about 30 days so hopefully they will just let me upgrade. Thoughts?

  2. Loco4LosChe

    Loco4LosChe Active Member

    Phone is working better now. Think it was a bad update to pocket casts that messed up my phone. Not sure about my girlfriend's though...

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