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Support Serious problem with my X10 Mini Pro. HELP!!!!!!!

  1. ken09_uematsu

    ken09_uematsu New Member

    My problem started after I used XRecovery to wipe th files on sdCard, system, data, cahce, and Dalvik-cache.
    (But before that, I performed a backup using xRecovery and copy the files from SDCard to my PC)

    When I was about to install the custom ROM that I want, the xRecovery could not find it.

    I tried to restart my phone, now I'm stuck with the "Sony Ericsson" text display; and can't even boot to xRecovery... :(

    Please Help Me... I need my phone.

  2. kinung

    kinung New Member

    Same problem going on me at the first try. try to rename your custom ROM with "update.zip" the againn enter to xrecovery
  3. Mashun99

    Mashun99 New Member

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