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Seriously Help me guys :(Support

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  1. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    Hi guys
    I finally moved to Android from WinMO :) and loving SGS. Previously i used Samsung B7610 WinMo.
    I have few basic doubts.

    1. how do i sync my phone to google ?
    i can see all google contact list in my phone book and hence its auto synced now. however i was previously using MS MyPhone which lets me see the contacts , SMS etc on web. I can edit those and then later after i sync , those changes where reflected on my phone.
    How do i same with this phone ? esp how do i view my phone contacts and SMS over web on google ?

    2. How do i kill apps ?
    I have seen few apps on android market but let me know the best one

    3. How do i save battery ?
    yes i have turned off 3G,Bluetooh,Wi-Fi

    4. How do i force phone not to use any data connection ?
    i.e now my phone is always connected to Net (cauz i have limited data plan)

    5. As per spec. this phone has got 512 MB RAM, however i can see that only 75 MB is free even after killing backgrnd apps.
    Note: i am using default UI.

    6. If i use other UI frm 3rd party can i switch to default UI later ?
    Please name a few good ones...esp the one which looks like HTC Sense :)

    7. How do install .apk files from PC to phone ?
    ANy1 tried DROID EXPLORER ?

    Please help me guys..i am new to this device. Thanks in advance.

  2. EarlZ

    EarlZ Well-Known Member

    2.)You can use advanced task killer, but its a double edge swords

    3.)Nothing much, make sure you dont have other applications running in the background.. smart phones these days only have 1-2days of battery life.. if you get over a day consider your self a very light user

    4.) It should be under settings > connectivity then disable the use of packet data and data roaming.

    5.) Yes the phone has 512MB ram only 256MB is usable as of the kernel that ships with Andriod 2.1, with the updated kernel or 2.2 we can use all 512MB of ram and hopefully this will also reduce the over all lag on the phone.

    6.) Yes I believe so
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  3. lhood

    lhood New Member

    how to i sync my phone to double twist..? my phone is hooked to the usb port and says its connected but it wont pop up in double twist.. it keeps saying to mount my phone, and drag the bar at the topo of the screen down by the usb port symbol but mine wont let me do that.. help!!!!
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  4. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    What's double twist?

    And for the contact on the web, log into your gmail account and edit the contacts there.
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  5. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    7. How do install .apk files from PC to phone ?
    ANy1 tried DROID EXPLORER ?

    here is the link
    Droid Explorer
  6. sunwee

    sunwee Member

    the simplest way, you can just copy it over to internal sd using the usb connection and run the .apk from a file manager app like astro or even the built-in myfiles.
  7. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    ok guys.thanks and what about those apk files which i downloaded from market ? where do i find that on phone so that i can keep those on HDD and then transfer back to phone in case required.
  8. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    bump...plz help frnds....
  9. galaxyS

    galaxyS Well-Known Member

    2.. i dont use any apps for killing apps, i normally close an app via the menu or by exiting on apps.. another thing i do is, kill the apps running in the background by going to;
    running services/
    then stop those apps i dont want to run..

    3.. to save battery, brightness must be set the lowest brightness (still bright anyway) and must uncheck auto brightness..
    don't use apps that have live updates i;e facebook, twitter,weather,daily briefing (must uncheck updates for finance,weather,ap news)
    RSS feeds
    do not use live wall papers,
    turn off GPS.
    vibrates must be set low but still feel(able) LOL.. or turn it off if you want..
    but what's the fun with not using the phone's cool features? right?

    4.. ive been thinking about this too.. but i think if you are on wifi, 3g and 2g are automatically turned off.. not sure but that's what i think coz i notice the 3G/Edge symbols disappear when im connected on wifi..
    those updates are not really bandwidth hogs, so i think you will be fine even if you have a limited data plan, but just to make sure , try and use only the ones you need the most.. net browsing/downloading are the worse in bandwidth usage, try to minimize that..

    enjoy your phone !
  10. galaxyS

    galaxyS Well-Known Member

    umm i think this is different from data connection..

    data roaming is when you roam to other areas your network provider does not cover...

    there is actually not an option to turn off data connection in the settings.. not that i know of..
  11. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    and what about those apk files which i downloaded from market ? where do i find that on phone so that i can keep those on HDD and then transfer back to phone in case required.
  12. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar Member

    Yes, you have to use APNdroid or other application to disable data connection. If you use rarely you can create a dummy APN and select it for APN, so phone cannot connect to net.
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  13. khirulnizam

    khirulnizam New Member

    Go to Settings> Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks and check the option to USE ONLY 2G NETWORKS
    (believe me it saves a lot of battery and you data network)
  14. wihan1

    wihan1 Member

    Toggle data from the android market...works a charm.

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