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  1. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    I was seriously debating on waiting on the bionic to come out before making a decision on either waiting on the vigor or going ahead and getting a thunderbolt or bionic. My contract is up with verizon and my gf's contract is FINALLY up with sprint and I need to get her away from that carrier as soon as possible so I can actually get a hold of her when I need to. Sprint's signal has only gotten worse where I'm at and I'm now stuck be a rock and a hard place with either waiting or putting her on my plan and just getting a thunderbolt. She doesn't want or need a smartphone but I live, work and breathe by mine.

    I would like to just go out today and buy a tb and be done with it but don't want to be stuck with something that is not going to be supported anymore because its successor came out just a month or 2 later and I won't be able o upgrade until 8/2013

    What you guys do in my situation?

  2. byrds8

    byrds8 Well-Known Member

    I dont think the TB will be forgotten about. I do believe all carriers/manufacturers stated they would keep up with the devices for 18mo after initial release. So I dont think that is an issue. As for which phone to get, I guess its all opinion and what you want. No matter how good/bad a device may be someone will think the opposite about it. IF the device seems to have everything you want and performs the way youd like Id say get it. Not to mention it will be harder to compare the TB to either of the other two phones since they arent out yet. Just my $.02 though
  3. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    I think it would depend on what you need your phone to do. I have the Thunderbolt and it does everything I need. I was originally looking for a 4G modem to tether my laptop to at work and when I went to Verizon to look, I discovered that I could get that as well as a new 4G phone that did a lot more. My needs are fairly simple, 4G, the hotspot that I was lucky enough to get the unlimited data with, GPS, messaging, a decent camera and an actual phone that was hearing aid compatible. My Thunderbolt does all of that extremely well, but your needs may be different. There's a lot on the TBolt that I don't need, or use, like video recording. I've read that some people have trouble with the sound on the video recorder, but since I don't use it, it's no problem.

    If I was looking today, I would probably wait for the Vigor to come out, but every new Android phone that comes out is probably going to have bugs to be worked out, while the Thunderbolt is close to having most of it's problems fixed. I don't think you're going to gain much with the Bionic and may not even like it as well as the Thunderbolt. It's just my opinion that the Bionic is going to be close to obsolete by the time it finally gets released and the dual core processor really doesn't make that much difference right now since not many apps take advantage of it.

    Right now, there is nothing I would trade my Thunderbolt for, but if you can you give us some idea of what your needs are it would help with recommendations.
  4. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    I'm on the road a lot and basically use my phone as a mobile office. I currently use my DX for emails, office docs, pdf docs, tons of web browsing, a youtube video here and there, gps, music player for the road, facebook, twitter, google+, construction calculator, camera and of course a phone. The DX has been really good to me and has taken a TON of abuse over the passed year. Falling 3 stories flat on its face, a drink into a cooling tower 2 feet deep, and numerous trips from my shirt pocket to the floor. Every time something happens I just put the battery back in it and it turns on. I'm not into rooting but I think I might dabble in it with an htc phone. The DX does have launcher pro and it has been customized to where I'm comfortable with it.

    I also still have unlimited data and I'm bit concerned about losing it once I had my gf but with her, my 2 year old, and the next one on the way I am more concerned about being to reach her when I need to and her being able to dial out when she needs me.
  5. Ibrick

    Ibrick Well-Known Member

    I'd say wait, you'll probably wish you had once your gf's contract is up. The tbolt is a great phone and I wouldn't trade it for anything that's currently available.

    Even the vigor doesn't quite make me want to give it up, but I have other reasons for that. It will be the best phone on VZW when its released and would stay current longer. JMO but I'd hold out for the vigor, you probably know you'll be happier in the long run if you do, you just want something new, now.
  6. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    actually my gf's contract is up and thank god
  7. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I say this to everyone that's asking if they should wait or not, I say go ahead and wait. Because as soon as the other phone comes out I'm sure they'll lower the prices on what they have now. No use buying something now, enjoying it for all of 3 months, and then having buyer's remorse because the new phone that came out looks better, has better performance, made the other manufacturer's drop their price, etc etc. I say wait a few months. Don't forget the iPhone is due out in a few months as well and that generally brings down the price of the competition.
  8. pat3332

    pat3332 Well-Known Member

    You definitely use your phone for more than I do, but if you can wait, I'd still go for the Vigor. The only problem with that is that the last projected release date I saw was Oct. 5th and those dates usually end up getting extended. I don't know if the DX is that tough, or if you've just been lucky, but I don't think I'd expect any of the newer phones to hold up to that kind of punishment.
  9. xeno2011

    xeno2011 Well-Known Member

    I'd wait. You'll have the option of choosing the Vigor or probably a really discounted Thunderbolt at that point (if it is still available). I can't say that the Bionic or Vigor won't have their own problems, but I would think that the second go-round of 4G phones will be better than the first.
  10. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've decided to wait. The old lady bought a pink Razr off of ebay and now shes happy lol. I just want to make sure that if i'm going to renew my unlimited data only once and be forced to sign a 2 year contract, I want it to be on a device that can take serious advantage of it.

    I'm hard on my phones lol but that's why I pay for the insurance and I normally get 1 year contracts. I promise I'll be more careful with the next one I get ;)
  11. jcnyc

    jcnyc Well-Known Member

    Wait. You've aready waited this long. Vigor should be out in 2-3 months and will be magnitudes better than the tbolt.
  12. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    just another thought, you could always get a TB off craigslist or something. you can probably pick one up for $200, then wait until you get tired of that phone and renew the contract to get a new phone in 6 months or so. I picked up my TB about 2 months will keep me happy until my upgrade is here in then there are going to be some crazy phones out.
  13. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member

    well thankfully I haven't been waiting long since my contract has only been up for about 3 weeks. I won't even look at a phone until my contract is up. The reception was just so damn bad on my gf's phone that we needed to do something. Luckily, the razr seems to work better. Even if it is roaming 99% of the time at my house.

    I do like idea of buying a used or phone though...
  14. bldgengineer

    bldgengineer Well-Known Member


    I lmfao
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  15. brizey

    brizey Well-Known Member

    Magnitudes? So it will be 100 times faster? The vigor will outperform the thunderbolt in a few limited ways. From what I have seen there is nothing it will do that the thunderbolt cannot, so no added function.

    The thunderbolt has had a nice five month run at the top of the heap. That is a long time in the cell phone world.

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