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General server password has changed. enter the new password. Yahoo account

  1. ScarHead06

    ScarHead06 Well-Known Member

    K, not sure if this belongs here or not, bare with me. The phone (rush) keeps beeping a notification two in a row about 10seconds apart, every hour or so. Keeps saying "sign-in failed. Server password has changed. Enter the new password." And then the email address is below with an empty box BELOW THAT to enter a/the password. WTH is that all about? I signed the accounts out, changed password, signed back in. Nothing helped so far. It's the email app on the phone that's making this happen. 'email version 4.0" White envelope with a red '@' symbol.

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    Mine from time to time does that. Actually hotmail also does it. I ignore it and after sometime it goes away. I suspect that the authentication fails on Andriod briefly. I have never had it happen more than twice a month for more than 3 hours if that's any help. I use the default mail app. Using their app may solve it. I will live with it
  3. ScarHead06

    ScarHead06 Well-Known Member

    It's been doing it nonstop for a week or longer. My moms phone. So you're saying maybe install the Yahoo app? She has ZERO Yahoo apps installed. That's what makes it VERY weird. She uses her Yahoo email as primary. A whole bunch of stupid shizz has been happening ever since the JB update. Really messed up the phone.

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