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Server Security/Confidentiality

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  1. BG-Pete

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    This my be a little long but here it goes. As a business owner, one of my priorities is security/confidentiality. We have a couple people here that use Androids and i-Phones and sync their mail, contacts, calendar, etc to our Exchange server. With Blackberry, I know you can "wipe out" the phone and basically reset it back to new (which we had to do on one occasion). If one of the Android/i-Phone users leave the company, is there a way I can wipe out our company info from their phone. I know I can reset the server password and block access, but that will not erase the info. Obviously, if they somehow backed it up, I have no control over that. But in the event, they did not think of that, I do not want that info out on the street. Any ideas how I can erase the hand-held through Active Sync? Thanks in advance for the help.



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