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Service outage

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  1. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Just got off the phone with Sprints tech support team and was advised that Virgin is having a nationwide service outage again mostly affecting text, expected to be cleared up later today.

  2. kcphaid

    kcphaid Member

    In KC market I still dont have 3g this am.
  3. kcphaid

    kcphaid Member

    NM It's up now.
  4. nastagol

    nastagol Member

    its because of a nationwide improvements on data and service.. read this. you should go to the link too Network Vision | Virgin Mobile USA Newsroom

    Hi! We wanted to let you know we’re building an all-new network to give you better service than ever, and that this enhanced service is being rolled out to your area right now.
    A series of 3G capacity enhancements are underway, designed to give our customers greater speed and a richer, seamless experience. Virgin Mobile USA is powered by Sprint which is in the process of a complete overhaul of its networks, replacing existing equipment with the newest, most advanced tools available in the industry through its Network Vision program.
    These advanced network improvements are designed to give you fewer dropped calls, expanded coverage area, and improved indoor/outdoor signal strength. In addition, improvements to data connection to access emails, apps and the internet will be made with faster downloading, surfing and streaming.
    As we add capacity across the country,Network Visionwork is underway on more than 38,000 cell sites. Following are some FAQs to give you a better understanding of this activity.

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