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"Service Started"...any idea what this means?Support

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  1. Aries859

    Aries859 Well-Known Member

    My wife has been using her HTC Merge for several months now. About a month ago she said she started getting a little pop-up window on her phone that says "Service Started". She hasn't really noticed any problems, but does anyone know what this might be?

    I had an HTC Incredible and currently am using the Rezound and I have never seen this pop-up before.

    Any thoughts or help is appreciated.


  2. 2012

    2012 Well-Known Member

    Has she installed a security app or anything similar that is announcing it is running?
  3. Aries859

    Aries859 Well-Known Member

    She does have Lookout security installed, but I have used that as well and never saw that message. Not sure what else she may have installed.
  4. Aries859

    Aries859 Well-Known Member

    As an update to this post...it seems the message generally appears after the phone has been sleeping for a period of time and pops up once you turn the screen on.

    Again any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

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