set cpu settings?

  1. mastersilly

    mastersilly New Member

    right now i have 2.1.1 that i got from xda

    my question is for ascend users what are you profile settings and what did u check/select ?

    i currently have the mhz's on 600/245

    my question is do i select set on boot, and for profiles i only got 'screen off' with 122/122 min max with enabled checked.

    what other things do ppl have for profiles with the appropriate settings?



  2. la sal

    la sal Well-Known Member

    Set on boot.

    Screen off Max/Screen on Max both set at 245

    I'm using CPUBoost as I like it better. I set max battery temp at 40C and it will run at 245 when the battery is too hot. I added Nitrous speed to 710 (not sure if it works on the Ascend).

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