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Set Google Maps App as DefaultSupport

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  1. mikeinc

    mikeinc New Member

    For some reason, when I click an address hyperlink outside of the google maps app (such as an email, browser, Yelp app etc), the address location loads in my browser (using the google maps webpage).

    Do I need to change a setting for the google maps app to be the default for all address and map-related activities?

    Thank you!

  2. smithoid

    smithoid Member

    I have been testing map hyperlinks and what will open them from emails and i have found i am given the option of Web, Maps or Navigation.

    So what you could try is to go into Menu > Settings > Applications for ICS or Manage Applications for GB and then All Applications > Internet and see if Launch Default is highlighted if so tap Clear defaults.

    Now tap on a maps hyperlink in the email and this should then give you the options on which app to use to view the map link, depending on what apps are installed on the device that can view map locations.

    Maps or Google Maps is one of them plus the Web Browser and any navigation apps installed like my device has one of Navigation.

    Then you should be able to choose Google Maps as the use by default app to view map hyperlinks and other mapping info etc by ticking the box.

    Might be worth a try.

    Cheers. ;-)
  3. mikeinc

    mikeinc New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately this didn't work - I wasn't prompted to choose how to open the link, it automatically used the browser.

    I appreciate the help though!

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