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Set language on Moto Spice XT300?Support

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  1. mollynewb

    mollynewb New Member

    Hello! I have an unlocked Motorola SPICE that works on AT&T in the U.S. The phone seems to work fine, but most of the apps and menus are in Chinese even though I have the Locale setting on "English". Does anyone know how I can get everything to show up in English?

    I did a factory reset but it didn't work. My friend thinks that the phone might be running a Chinese version of Android 2.1 and says I might have to re-install Android in English. Is that right?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, I am an ex-iPhone owner and am still pretty new to Android... :) Thanks!

  2. an_otter

    an_otter New Member

    That may be the case. Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > Select locale > English is the only way (that I'm aware of), and (at least in my device) English, Spanish, French and Portuguese are the only options; not Chinese. :c

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