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Set my screen lock to 'pattern,' often switches back to slide?

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  1. 4444

    4444 Member

    I have set my screen lock to pattern mode but at least 1/2 the time when I go to unlock my screen I am met with the 'slide' unlock format. Under settings it will stay say pattern and 1/2 the time it actually is pattern.
    Yesterday I started going through my droid for the first time and really customizing (and turning off a LOT of unnecessary crap). I didn't read a specific guide in doing this and I was somewhat aggressive with my disabling of features, including setting the phone to 'no background apps.' It's possible I am disallowing some sort of cache for the lock screen.

    Under 'about phone' it says I have a droid 4 (couldn't find this under the forum's list of specific models).

    On second glance I may be asking this in the wrong part of the forum, howdy mods.


  2. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    Look in the security settings of the phone real hard. I think you may have it set to lock after a certain time of use/

    What version of Android does your phone use?
  3. 4444

    4444 Member

    Android version 4.0.4

    under display it sleeps after 30 seconds; under security it is set to lock 30 seconds after sleep (just now changed this from 20min however, going to see if it irons out). I'm noticing that it seems to use slide when it self locks but pattern when I use the power button to insta-lock.
  4. 4444

    4444 Member

    It's doing a little better, but still goes back and forth. I let it self lock, pushed power and it was pattern, unlocked it. Did it twice more, 2nd time it was slide. Didn't unlock from slide and let it sleep again, press power and it's slide, didn't unlock. Let it sleep one more time, press power and it's pattern. Curious.

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