Set photo as contact is read only?

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  1. pvdiamon

    pvdiamon Well-Known Member

    On my Motorola Electrify, with Jelly Bean, my photos saved to the SD card can't be set as a contact...apparently the photo must be taken and saved internally? But if I connect to the PC and move a photo to the internal memory, it still is seen as read only (even if the attribute says it is changed). Does this make sense? I was hoping to take photos, save to the memory card, and use as contact photos as I like.

    I looked again....the message it "read-only contacts cannot be used." So it's my contact that is the problem? It is synced from MS Outlook on my PC.

  2. pvdiamon

    pvdiamon Well-Known Member

    If I go to a contact>edit and click on the photo icon, then I can set a photo. Just can't initiate it from gallery.

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