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SetCPU/ Milestone Overclock best practice settings

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  1. I have now been using the overclocking function for over a month and would like to report on the settings found to be most effective.

    I use a combination of apps to achieve excellent battery consumption (1 1/2 days generally).

    1. Screebl, set to 15 seconds.
    2. Milestone Overclock, set to custom 1000 MHz @ 69 vsel
    3. SetCPU general 1000/500 with charge 250/1000 and sleep 250/500

    Ive found that the 125 MHz setting does not push enough juice to the radios and i sometimes get glitches with the touch panel/ dialler when SetCPUs ondemand governor is waking up to a call or 3g connection.

    Also, the lowered vsel value of 69 seems to save a half day's battery as opposed to standard 1000 MHz/ 72 vsel offered by Milestone Overclock.

    Screebl is a must for anyone who doesnt have it, as its simply the most effective battery manager out there. Would like a five seconds option though ;)

    Hope this helps some folks...

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  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I stopped using SetCPU and android is managing the CPU and battery pretty well. I will try Screebl though.
  3. im not sure were talking about the same thing - i use setcpu to overclock the phone - something android does not manage by itself bud (at least not in profiles)
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    SetCPU does not overclock the Milestone - Milestone Overclock does. SetCPU only provides utilities to set profiles for when the phone is not used so that less battery is used, but Android does the same even without SetCPU running.
  5. harunjo

    harunjo Active Member

    this setting better for battery life

    [How-To] vsel's, mpu_opps etc. [Overclocking] - Android-Hilfe.de

    echo "58" > /proc/overclock/max_vsel
    echo "1000000" > /proc/overclock/max_rate
    echo "1 125000000 16" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps
    echo "2 250000000 22" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps
    echo "3 500000000 32" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps


    echo "46" > /proc/overclock/max_vsel
    echo "800000" > /proc/overclock/max_rate
    echo "1 125000000 16" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps
    echo "2 250000000 22" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps
    echo "3 500000000 32" > /proc/overlock/mpu_opps
  6. @Szadzik thanks for explaining my own thread to me... however android will simply switch from really low to really high at times when it shouldnt (like sleep) without setcpu governors and profiles working in the background, so youre wrong about it being the same with/ without. Also, its the combination of the three tools that im advocating here.

    @harunjo ill give it a try but frankly that looks too low for the radios
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Yup, everyone's got the right to their opinion. To me my phone is working perfectly fine without SetCPU or Screebl.
  8. Great! Post that in a thread called "My phone works great without any additional tools"
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  9. Croak

    Croak Well-Known Member

    Just try running your 'stone for a few days without SetCPU. Seriously, try it. Betcha your battery life is at least as good as before, if not better, and it runs as smooth or smoother as well. Without the overhead and stability issues caused by SetCPU, and with more granular (i.e. smoother) speed stepping as well.

    Also, you can probably bring that 69 VSEL @1000mhz way down. Like down to 56 to 60 depending on your particular Milestone.

    I've found that 850/44 works best for me. I can't percieve any difference in speed between that and 1000 outside of benchmarks, and it's easier on the battery and processor. With that logic I reckon I could drop down to 800 and even lower voltage, but I get the warm Linpack fuzzies knowing that at 850mhz it's still a hair faster than a Snapdragon-powered 2.1 N1/Desire/Evo/Incredible. :)
  10. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Threads are created for people to exchange opinions - not impose them. If you do not want anyone to have their opinion in your thread create a blog and write there - not in a public forum.
  11. dmo580

    dmo580 Active Member

    So here are you just setting new OC tables for the CPU?

    So in your examples, you're setting 4 levels of clocks right?

    125mhz, 250mhz, 500mhz, and then either 800 or 1ghz...

    Are those safe values to use for vsel on 125, 250 and 500mhz? Sounds pretty low and aggressive to me.
  12. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Taken from the Milestone Overclock Wiki:

    Frequency - Default (>=) - Possibly Unstable - Probably unstable (<=)

    550 - 56
    800 - 58 - 56/54 - 52
    1000 - 60 - 58/56 - 54
    1200* - 76 - 74/70 - 68
    1300* - x - 84

    *: Always unstable in some CPUs! Will damage CPU on prolonged use. According to OMAP3430 datasheet, max_vsel up to 66 should be acceptable. Above 80 will certainly severly damage the CPU on long-term scale. The most appropriate and stable settings seem to be either 800 MHz or 1000 MHz at max_vsel of 56 to 60.
  13. dmo580

    dmo580 Active Member

    Right. I realize that and I've done testing to find that 1ghz @ 60vsel is fine for my Stone.

    However, I haven't found definitive info on 125mhz, 250mhz, and 500mhz which are shown to run at 16, 22, and 32 vsel respectively. Those are the values that look very aggressive to me.
  14. CoteJer

    CoteJer New Member

    I've been testing different vsel settings on milestone overclock and then proceeded to doing a stress test on set cpu. Although I found 60 vsel to work well at 1000mhz it failed the stress test. I had to bring the vsel up to 65 to manage to pass the stress test.
  15. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I have been using vsel 56 at 900MHz for the past few weeks with no problems at all. I do not use SetCPU at all though, no point.
  16. ashketchum

    ashketchum Well-Known Member

    In my case I have noticed that battery does run out faster when not using SetCPU. Currently I am using nadlabak's interactive governor with SetCPU which is a lot more responsive compared to the "ondemand" governor. And I use 1000mhz at 62 vsel since Motonav crashes at lower vsels.

    Also, SetCPU is available for free at xda-developers.com. So you can download from there in case you can't buy it from the Market.
  17. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I bought it when I started overclocking my Milestone.

    As for battery drain, it is really hard to measure that in my case since I have the Milestone dock and every night use the phone as a night clock and even if I end up with some battery at the end of the day I put it in the dock and it gets charged up at night.
  18. dmo580

    dmo580 Active Member

    So I have my 11_overclock.sh setup as follows using the interactive governor:

    Code (Text):
    1. /system/bin/insmod /system/lib/modules/overclock.ko omap2_clk_init_cpufreq_table_addr=0xc004e4b0
    2. echo 62 > /proc/overclock/max_vsel
    3. echo 1000000 > /proc/overclock/max_rate
    4. echo "1 750000" > /proc/overclock/freq_table
    5. echo "4 750000000 48" > /proc/overclock/mpu_opps
    6. echo "2 500000" > /proc/overclock/freq_table
    7. echo "3 500000000 36" > /proc/overclock/mpu_opps
    8. echo "3 250000" > /proc/overclock/freq_table
    9. echo "2 250000000 28" > /proc/overclock/mpu_opps
    10. /system/bin/insmod /system/lib/modules/cpufreq_interactive.ko nr_running_addr=0xc005e35c
    11. echo interactive > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
    12. echo 125000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/interactive/sampling_rate
    The new overclock_stats.ko came out but I'm not really sure how to implement that since SetCPU still shows my stats incorrectly like:

    Code (Text):
    1. 550000 5108
    2. 500000 10287
    3. 250000 100373
    4. 125000 0
  19. fekish

    fekish Well-Known Member

    dont worry in here there are some users that just dont accept the opinions of others... You will get used to it... :cool:
  20. webvan

    webvan Active Member

    I was on the fence to get a Milestone from Amazon...I thought the 550Mhz chip might be a bit slow but that post sold me on the Milestone! So an 800Mhz Milestone can be faster than a 1Ghz Snapdragon? Has that been documented in benchmarks somewhere? Can't wait to get it now ;-)
  21. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    I have mine running at 1.2GHz and its smooth as silk! Gotta love the snappy milestone. ;)
  22. fekish

    fekish Well-Known Member

    I am always wondering, if we have the maximum Ghz it would make the phone faster right?
    Would the only implication thereon be on the battery draining faster? Or would there be anything else as well?

  23. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    If you consider long-time effects you may expect the CPU to break down faster. How faster? Not fast enough for you to know it as it is going to take years and years.

    Besides, you do not have to see any effect on battery life. You can set it up up to around 950MHz with the stock vsel 56 and battery should not be drained faster.
  24. webvan

    webvan Active Member

    vsel stands for voltage? What is the default voltage it runs at?
  25. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    My battery barely drains with it over clocked to 1.2ghz. On a full charge I can go 9 hours and only have the battery drop to 60/50%. I try to charge my phone off most of the time as its's better for the battery. However lately I've been charging it on and it seems to last as long, but I do not use my phone while it is charging on. Also further more on the note of over clocking it does not heat up any more then normal use when using the Wi-Fi for surfing and other things like GPS. I could not be happier with a phone right now. This thing does it all for me! I just got setup for Dropbox now and going to test that out! So may more good things to come!

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