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SetCPU Settings?

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  1. we350z

    we350z Member

    Anyone played with SetCPU? I tried performance governor 1024000 Max 1024000 Min and it appears the lag has increased. Now I am running stock 1024000 Max 245760 Min but with performance governor vs. the default on demand and it seems to be a little improved. The lag isn't as bad but sometime it still seems like the phone stalls.

    I have removed all bloatware, disabled just about all startup items and removed any apps that I don't absolutely need that have cached processes.

    I'm going to nudge the Min up slowly to see if there is an optimal "zone".

  2. Theguy35

    Theguy35 Member

    No frills CPU control app did the job for me. Just set the govern to conservative. Best results were between 356 & 806. Though it seemed to cause apps to force close. It got irritating so I cleared the app cache & uninstalled it, but maybe you could get it working for you. Or maybe you won't mind the occasional app close. It did make my n64 emulator run very well, but I took the apps closing as a sign that the CPU didn't like being told what to do.
  3. Theguy35

    Theguy35 Member

    Update on the no-frills CPU app. Set the govern on conservative & set at max 1.024GHz & set the low at 768MHz. This is working well. It will underclock when you're phone is idle, & max it when you're using apps or browsing the Web. Believe it or not 768Mhz is underclocking the hydro.

    So yeah I found a good balance.
    If you want to fast charge the battery set the max at 368. Just don't try to run any other apps like this or you could crash the system.

    I have checked the CPU benchmark, & I can tell you that this does work, & it's pretty stable.
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