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  1. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    I run Jelly Beans on my Note. For stupidity reasons, I uninstalled Nova launcher, then reinstalled it back, and now I have my quick dials as home screen. For the love of god, I can not find how to change home screen. Yesterday all I had to do was to press home button and hold, and it'll pop 3 screens with check mark to chose one, and now it doesn't.

  2. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it's different on Jelly Beans (I'm not rooted), but all I have to do is tap (not hold) the home button when I'm on my home screen to bring up the home screen selection screen (that's a mouthful). Another way to do it is to go into Nova settings, then Desktop, then Home Screens.
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  3. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    Only could do through Nova launcher. Tap on HS button does nothing.

    Thank you.

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