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Setting mp3 SMS toneSupport

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  1. jaffacake2000

    jaffacake2000 Member


    I would like set my own ring tone for SMS. I transferred some mp3 ringtones from another phone but it only gives me the option to set it as a call ringtone.

    Please help

  2. lostcow

    lostcow New Member

  3. Rakaan

    Rakaan Member

    Try copying the ringtones to sdcard/Ringtones/notifications and then it'll show up in sms tones.
  4. munlaz

    munlaz New Member

    i copied the mp3 tone to media/notifications but still it wont be displayed when choosing the sms tone on sound settings.
  5. buythismobile

    buythismobile Member


    Do you know why MP3 files do not play completely ? I would like a 3mns MP3 to play when I get a SMS, how to do ?

    Thank you.

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