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Setting my "me" pictureSupport

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  1. Aorawn

    Aorawn New Member

    I'm seeing this question get asked a LOT on these forums, and various people have posted various answers for their phones, but none of them seem to work on the Prism. Any thoughts? I've tried adding myself as a contact but that doesn't seem to do it.

    (I am of course referring to the little picture in the text messaging app by my texts)

  2. Wolf_Spirit

    Wolf_Spirit New Member

    I have been hunting around google for hours. I am so disappointed that there isn't even an answer here. But it seems this problem has persisted with Android phones for ages. (I've seen threads years back trying to fix this) Not even T-Mobile support could help me out.

    How can I get my contact picture?

    I have also tried everything (making a contact of myself. Syncing facebook. Syncing gmail. Creating a me contact IN gmail and syncing that. Nothing is woeking)

    I knew I should have went with an iPhone...

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