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Setting Ringtones from Amazon Cloud Player?Support

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  1. CamoMan4025

    CamoMan4025 Member

    I have some songs in Cloud Player and want to set them as ringtones. I have moved them into a ringtone playlist, but can't find them when I go into my sound settings from the menu? I hold the song button down and there is no option to "set as ringtone". I go to my downloads and they are not there??



  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    Ok a few questions to help me or someone else help you out. I get that you have songs on a cloud that you want to use to make ringtones. However you state that you moved them in to a ringtone playlist? where is this list? is it on the cloud or on the phone? If its on the phone then what filemanager are you using and where are you looking? have you looked in the media folder for your files?

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