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Setting to be able to change songs with volume button when screen if offGeneral

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  1. imotasam

    imotasam Member

    I was wondering if in the settings menu under sound, there is an option to toggle skipping songs with the volume button when the screen is off. I ask this because im rooted and removed a lot of the stuff on the phone. I swear I saw the option to but im unsure if I removed it or not. Could someone please check for me?

    I have another phone that's running ics and has this option, that's why I ask. Thank you!

  2. Creakyknees

    Creakyknees Member

    Dunno about the default google play music player, I tried it and didn't like it so I got "rocket player" instead, which does have the setting option of volume vs advance.
  3. imotasam

    imotasam Member

    I use poweramp but, I am able to use any music player I want to change songs.

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