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  1. PittFan

    PittFan Well-Known Member

    I want to be able to create a favorite contact for voice mail so I don't have to type a password, much like I used to be able to with ATT. I know pauses need added, but not sure how or where.


  2. oim415

    oim415 Member

    Go to menu>settings>call>voicemail settings>Voicemail number. Add a , (for a pause) and then your pin and # For example, if you pin was 1234 then the Voicemail number would be *86,1234#. You should only need one comma but you can add more to delay the entry of the pin.

    BTW, no need to create a special contact. either use the voicemail widget or on the phone, hold the 1 button to dial voicemail.
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  3. Patkid

    Patkid Well-Known Member

    when I go to menu/settings/call..............vm is greyed out it won't let me choose it???
  4. PittFan

    PittFan Well-Known Member

    Same here, these settings are greyed out.
    Also, how do I get the voice mail widget?
  5. GiveMeItNow

    GiveMeItNow Well-Known Member

    You have to click the first option, and select my carrier. Then it wont be greyed out.:D
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  6. jmorisey

    jmorisey Well-Known Member

    You will first need to go to MENU --> SETTINGS --> CALL and then "VOICEMAIL SERVICE"!

    After that, then the option will noy be greyed out!!!

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  7. Patkid

    Patkid Well-Known Member

    worked perfectly................thank you!!!!!
  8. radworm

    radworm Well-Known Member

    I can get it to dial #86, then pause, then it enters the password real fast, then it says the password is incorrect. I've rechecked that I've entered it correctly.
  9. PittFan

    PittFan Well-Known Member

    That did it! Thanks!!!!!
  10. radworm

    radworm Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have it set up as *86,****# in the settings. I hit my voice mail dialer widget, select 1 voice mail from list, and it dials *86. There is a short pause followed by a very rapid dialing of my password. The first time the recording says I entered the wrong password. If I end the call, and do the same sequence of events it works the second time. The first three digits of my password are the same, so maybe that is the problem. When I put pauses in b/w each digit it takes too long. Anyone got any other ideas?
  11. brodymon

    brodymon Well-Known Member

    where is the voice mail dialer widget?
  12. radworm

    radworm Well-Known Member

    hit the + tab next to phone on the bottom of your screen. It is under programs, you will see an icon that says voice mail and select it.
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  13. jwm2

    jwm2 Well-Known Member

    You can insert 2 commas in a row to make the delay before it enters the password longer. I just tired it on my phone and it worked. Also thanks for the great tip, this is definatley a time saver.
  14. radworm

    radworm Well-Known Member

    Okay. I got it to work, but had to add two commas and two # signs after password. :rolleyes:
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  15. 2k2s2k

    2k2s2k Well-Known Member

    This way also worked for me
  16. PeanyTech

    PeanyTech Member

    I recommend putting in your mobile number rather than dialing *86. This way it counts as a free Verizon to Verizon phone call, doesn't use any minutes.
  17. macdaddybuff

    macdaddybuff Well-Known Member

    Google Voice.. No password and better voicemail.
  18. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    +1 I always use my ten digit number incase i'm out of state or out of Verizons coverage and roaming. *86 only works on Verizons service towers non roaming.

    Edit: Now if Ford will only update Sync to recognize non number characters so I can voice dial straight into my voice mail reading.
  19. fastharryDOTcom

    fastharryDOTcom Well-Known Member

  20. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    Actually no. Calling your voicemail, whether *86 or your own number, from your phone still counts as a regular call since it's actually being forwarded to a landline number. The only way around that, is to call your number from a completely different phone.

    Agreed. I found this one out the hard way YEARS ago when roaming was still a big thing in the States - I had to dial my own 10-digit number to get to voicemail, then press # to enter the password.
  21. load97

    load97 Well-Known Member

    Isn't there an option to not enter a password at all? I don't remember doing it when this when I had sprint, and didn't need to do this with att. Oh'well though, thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  22. mpavlovic

    mpavlovic New Member

    when I go to select my carrier it gives me a choice of " my carrier" which is already selected and thats all so when I view my voice mail number its still greyed out and I have no other settings for voicemail to edit. its funny cause ive been able to check my messages 2 times out of 50 before by entering my last 4 digits of my phone number which is my password but doesn't hardly work
  23. weihl165

    weihl165 Well-Known Member

    Why not just download PF voicemail. It visual vm and its free. no need to make the calls and enter your pin. Just tap the widget and listen away
  24. parkschr

    parkschr Well-Known Member

    What is PF voicemail and where do I find it?

  25. parkschr

    parkschr Well-Known Member

    Nevermind. I found it. Thanks again.

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