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  1. devilgod

    devilgod New Member

    Hi my name is Sujit and I am from India.I want to learn Android development so I downlosded the Eclipse and configure it with ADT plugin with lots of hassle. When I open SDK manager it open the repository list that are needed to download lije Android4.O files, Google APIs ,System image etc. Though I was on slow internet connection. I read a tutorial to download google api and sysimg separately by copying the link from xml file. but now I dont know where I have to put these files in the main folders.
    I have
    1) Googleapi16_r03
    2) sysimg_armv7a-16_r03
    please help

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  3. veldrict

    veldrict New Member

    Try to open Windows -> Preferences Open the Android tab.. it will tell u the position of sdk. (normally its on eclipse/android SDK/)

    it better to move all ur sdk and dont forget set ur sdk position to the new place...

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